Treehouse Neptune: A Perfect Place For Luxury and Comfort

A newbie to Goa will always be told to choose to between the more flamboyant North Goa or the more relaxed and peaceful South part. However those who are Goanized (addicted to Goa), like me try and find the nooks and crannies and the not so popular locales. My stay at the Treehouse Neptune, in the heart of Panaji , considered to be the business hub usually and therefore avoided by those on vacation, was one of the Goanised things to do, since Goa for me has almost become like second home.

The Treehouse Neptune is reinstated hotel from the old hostel dormitory type accommodation used by the back packers to a brand new sparkling clean hotel with the large rooms most of them with private sit outs was a great choice to watch busy Goa part. The greatest part about staying in this hotel is that as soon as you step out you are greeted by a plethora of eateries both big and small. I would like to share some of them popular and not so popular ones along with some famous dishes here

1. Sanyog- The country cousin of Shiv Sagar, the famous Vada Pao and Mumbai street food eatery which also exists close by serves some of the freshets Vada Pao’s and South Indians staples just under 100 bucks The twist to the Vada Pao tale is that the Vada and Pao have to ordered separately and is served with the Coconut Chutney and not the Mumbai/Pune style chilly garlic and peanut chutney. On asking I was told that the locals don’t like it that ways. Open from 8-10pm each day this small little tucked in restaurant is filled with local crowd and some passerby for a steaming hot cup of tea and Vada Pao on a rainy day or any other.

2. The New Shiv Sagar- Unsure whether this is the part of the same famous Shiv Sagar, but who cares as long as you get the same food and same food it is….

3. Mishra Pedha- Why should Goa remain bereft of the usual fare of Chaat Pani Puri’s , Pao Bhaji . Mishra Pedha serves it all and more and in a very spic and span space

4. Kamat Vegetarian Restaurant – One more of the local Vada Paos and South Indian Joints, this places is filled with tourist in season and locals during off season, there is never any recession this part of town

5. Ravi’s Ras Omlette- For the late night party revelers , stop by at this little nook in Panjim which starts operation in the evening and is usually full with more late night revelers some local Goan who step out for some delicious Ras Omlette which is essentially some flavorful oblate in Goan gravy served with Pao or some liver fry or more such delicacies, the Goan answer to Bade Miyan. Ravi himself will be there most days to serve you and delightful and polite he is is also into fitness and is a fitness trainer.

6. Mumbai Coffee Roasters- A cute tucked away hostel for backpackers with a simple neat clean café serving the most delicious coffee and fresh juices and various other health options and variety of sandwiches, The café is part of the very elegantly done hostel catering to the backpackers mostly foreigners and if you do not know or want to explore can easily miss it. Manav the chef who works in the place was an IP lawyer Delhi who decided to give it all up and lead a life networking on the soul level and we say cheers to that.

7. Aunty Maria- a popular coffee and deli joint just walking distance form Treehouse Neptune serves some very tasty sandwiches and bakes any time of the day. The Beef Samose and egg patties are the hot favourites of the visitors to this cafe.

8. Texas- the Seafood restaurant located in the same premises at Treehouse Neptune is one of the oldest sea food joint thronged by the locals

9. Le Maison Bar and Restaurant. Walk in the quiet streets of the bright colorful Fontainhas and if you are not careful you can almost miss this Bar and Bistro which is very European very chic and most importantly comes replete with team who are eager to have you in and show you around.

10. The Beef Kebabs and Samosas- As you walk through the streets you may come across some carts selling Beef Cutlets Samosas and Palo., With focus on cleanliness and equally good food, it’s worth a try

In the end I would just say you can do the North and you can do the South but don’t miss the Panjim way of Goa.

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Treehouse Neptune: A Perfect Blend of Luxury and Comfort

Are you thinking to visit Goa? If yes then why you are waiting now, just call your friends or family members and pick your digital camera to explore true colors of Goa. Make yourself ready to loose in Goa – the party capital of India. Generally travelers don’t give too much emphasis on booking their trips in advance. They mostly reach their destination and then book hotels and transport facilities. But if you seriously want to enjoy Goa in its true sense then booking rooms in a right hotel is quite important for a comfortable, enjoyable and relaxed trip.

Goa is undoubtedly a fascinating city. Generally travelers love an extended walk together with their partner on beach or just loose themselves with friends within the beach parties all over the night. Some also come here to enjoy their holidays with their families. Counted among the best tourist destination in India, Goa has a number of hotels ranging from budget to luxury hotels and from beach hotels to serviced apartments. Belonging to a chain of hotels, Treehouse Neptune is centrally located in Goa. The hotel is beautifully designed and offers best-in class services to its guests. World class architecture, contemporary décor, beautiful surrounding and tranquil ambiance are some of the silent features of this hotel.

The property has 47 well furnished and airy rooms divided into five categories such as Premier, Superior, Superior with Balcony, Junior Suite and Suite category. Packed with modern amenities, the hotel offers a perfect and comfy stay for honeymooners and business travelers. The property has some attractive inviting beaches nearby. With an ideal location, it gives easy access to all the local facilities, shopping areas, casinos, beaches and churches to its guests. For the food lovers, the property offers some of the delicious cuisines that will melt in your mouth.
When it comes to hospitality, the hotel has a team of well mannered and educated staff who takes care of all your needs with utmost care ensuring you have a great stay. The room services are beyond your expectations. To make your holidays enjoyable and memorable, Treehouse also arranges sightseeing packages for its guests at reasonable prices. Whether you are a newly married couple or group of friends and family, you will surely get a comfy and luxurious stay in the hotel. So if you want to enjoy Goa at its best then book your rooms in Treehouse Neptune now!

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Get a Pleasurable Stay at Alchemy Creek, Goa

Goa is a dream destination not only for Indian travelers but foreigners too. The splendid beaches, palm trees and adventures sports activities make Goa a must place to visit. The city is quite neat and clean and people of all ages can enjoy the best time of their life. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in India to spend holidays with your loved ones. It is said that the East meets West in the State. The more you explore Goa, the more it fascinates you with its beauty. Travelers love to explore every colors of this sun-soaked state, where Indian culture links with Portuguese influences.

Travelers can get all types of hotels in this part, be it budget hotel, luxury hotel or resort. But if you really want both comfort and luxury at the best price then Alchemy Creek is a perfect place for you to stay. Alchemy Creek, a Treehouse property, is located at a serene location in Arpora-Baga area of North Goa and famous Baga beach – a coastal town in the State is quite close to this property. Baga is mainly known for its water sports activities. So with comfy stay at this property of Treehouse, travelers can enjoy the water sports in best way.

The property has 16 outstanding apartments divided into two key categories – Studio Apartment and One Bedroom Apartment. Each of the rooms is designed to perfection and reflects the modern concept of architecture. Warm hospitality, modern amenities and comfy stay make it one of the best hotels in North Goa. Visitors will surely have a time of their life while staying here. The staff are quite cooperative, educated, well behaved and strive to ensure your stay enjoyable and memorable. The rooms are quite airy, well furnished and have all the basic amenities of a comfortable and luxurious stay.

The property has a king bed, air conditions, a kitchenette with all the essential gadgets, Wi-Fi Internet access and a balcony in each of its rooms. The surrounding is quite peaceful and local markets are just at the walking distance. It also has a picturesque outdoor pool where you can enjoy sunbathing and also evening tea. With all the modern facilities, it is not wrong to say that the property is an ideal place to unwind and relax. So book your rooms at Alchemy Creek, Goa and feel the real difference in your stay!

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Get Stress-Buster Relaxing Stay at Treehouse Chail Villas

Holidays are generally meant for refreshing the mind, relaxing and enjoying with family and friends. On holidays, people do different things but the centre is always to relax and enjoy in a perfect way. Therefore most of people go to hill stations to enjoy their holidays in the lap of luxury. They want to enjoy the fresh air, leisurely meal, lush green outfields and many more. But without having a good hotel or resort, travelers can’t enjoy a relaxed trip. Therefore having a hotel or resort packed with all modern amenities is highly essential if you want to relax and enjoy the best time of your life with your loved ones.

On any destination, people find many hotels and resorts to stay but choosing a right property among them can be tricky business for many. Some travelers might like the hotel but their pockets won’t allow them to book a room in it. Therefore it is always good to book your rooms before visiting your destination. Generally it has noticed that most of people like to explore the beauty of Himachal Pradesh in their holidays. And if you are also planning to visit Himachal in coming holidays then don’t forget to book your rooms in Treehouse property.

Treehouse Chail Villas in Himachal is a unique property in the lap of nature. The property is considered as one of the most beautiful place to enjoy the natural beauty in a romantic manner. It is designed and constructed to bring outdoor insides therefore travelers can enjoy a happy time inside the property with their loved ones. The well behaved and educated staff is there to ensure a perfect and comfortable stay to you. One will surely find the cuisines quite delicious and the taste of the food remains on your lips for long time.

The property is very well spread and people of all age can enjoy the best time here. The ambience and decor of the rooms truly depicts royalty. Spacious cottage styled rooms, gourmet food and plethora of activities make this property a worth living place to stay. The property is also quite suitable for newly married couples who can enjoy their honeymoons in heavenly surrounding. For adventure lovers, Treehouse Chail Villas arrange many outdoor thrilling activities at nominal prices. All the activities are good and safe. So book your rooms at Treehouse Chail Villas and get perfect stress-buster relaxing stay.

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Bijolai Palace – An Oasis in Jodhpur

Thursday, Apr 30, 2015, 15:30 Hrs [IST]
By NBI Bureau



B1-900x450Help of google map is a must for travelers searching of this Oasis in desert at the outskirts of Sun City Jodhpur. Just type the name, ‘Bijolai Palace’ and the beautiful voice of an unknown woman will guide you to the heaven.

A right turn from Chopasani Road on a spiraling rural road along the Kayalana lake in the middle of night can be a bit scary; but ride is enjoyable for sure. The wild boars still roam around in the area and you can easily make out why royals of Jodhpur chose this place for their summer palace and no wonder one can easily see scores of pictures of hunt and pig sticking in records of erstwhile Jodhpur State.
But surprise hits you in the morning on your way back to the city, when you find out that lady guiding you on the phone missed the right turn from Akhey Singh Circle to reach the Bijolai palace more conveniently through a wider and better road.

Anyways, reaching in the middle of night has one advantage that you can see the opulence of the well-lit Bijolai palace, otherwise one may miss. Built in Red Sandstone the building is one of the marvel of its kind as it is water self-sustainable palace with its traditional harvesting system still working and the Bijolai lake built by Maharaja Takht Singh.

Currently, Tree House Palace Hotel is running this property with 30 elegant rooms. The dining hall with lake view and open terrace overlooking the Bijolai lake and temple atop the rocky hill across the lake gives it all perfect ingredient of creating royal ambiance in rustic settings.
Afternoon spent looking at the ducks and resident cormorant fishing out their food from the Bijolai lake is a view worth spending hours especially with beautiful company and tinkling wine glasses while the torch lit terrace atop the dining hall gives a perfect setting for a gala dinner.

This Summer Palace was built by Maharaja Takht Singh (1819-73) of Jodhpur. Maharaja Takht Singh ascended to the throne of Jodhpur on October 29, 1843 through adoption from Ahmednagar; and married 30 wives in his life time. He was succeeded by his son Maharaja Jaswant Singh II.

Third son of Maharaja Takht Singh – Sir Pratap, Maharaja of Idar had an illustrious career in British Army and was considered close of ‘Queen Victoria’. Sir Pratap served four Maharaja of Jodhpur and been regent for two of them.
With Pig Sticking on the horse back being the favorite past time of Royals of Jodhpur including Sir Pratap, the Summer Palace at Bijolai, for sure, has heard many evening talks on hunt and horses in company of wine and women. The friend list of Sir Pratap includes Lord Curzon, then Governor General of India, himself.

Open terrace, lush green garden and old style carved arches make this opulent palace, in the midst of wilderness, make Bijolai Palace irresistible.
The water conscious design of the palace provides year round supply of fresh water using its water harvesting system built with traditional know-how. Rebuilt under the close and personal supervision of Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur and Maharani Hemlata Raje, the input and advice from famous hotelier in Rajasthan Gaj Singh of Alsisar is imprinted everywhere in resurrecting the old summer palace into a World Water Retreat and headquarters of Jal Bhagirathi foundation.

Jal Bhagirathi foundation is a trust founded on January 15, 2002 by Maharaj Gaj Singh of Jodhpur to provide enabling environment in which communities have access to safe drinking water through use of tradition knowledge and appropriate new age technology.

Alsisar expertise in planning and restoration of heritage structure and his hotel chain use to run the guest house of Jal Bhagirathi Foundation at Bijolai Palace before the Tree House Hotel took it over.

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The mystery that lives on .. in Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh fort – Photo Source:

In the land of mystery

2015 AD


Drought archaically means ‘thirst’. Google calls it “a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to shortage of water”.

Drought strikes Marwar (Jodhpur) time and again. People living here don’t have enough water to drink leave alone to bathe and take care of their sanitary needs. They live in extreme conditions. It is a disheartening spectacle.

It in indeed unfortunate for me to touch upon this rather melancholic topic, however heart-wrenching it may be, it is somewhat imperative for all of us to be aware of the environment around us and to give back to it whenever and wherever possible.

Besides what Science and Geography can explain, let me narrate a much believed anecdote that seems to have landed this land of Marwar into so much trouble. This story is interesting when you relate it to the events of drought that this place has borne for hundreds of years!

The mystery lives on…

“In 1459, Roa Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur (Also named after him), a Rajput chief of the Rathore clan decided to build the utterly famous and unassailable Mehrangarh fort, endeavouring to define the prowess of the dry, arid land of Jodhpur. As the labourers began work on the supposed 400 Mt. high cliff called Bhaurcheeria (the mountain of Birds) to build the great fort, the supposed quiet and secluded place was suddenly flooded with a lot of noise disturbing the meditation of the Hermit, Cheeria Nath Ji, the sole human occupant of the hill. Unaware of the Chief’s plans, the hermit was rather annoyed with the trespassers’ derision of Serenity and pronounced drought. Thereafter the region came to be known as Marwar”

Several hundred years after this supposed anecdote, people of Marwar continue to stare at the sky mouth agape, hoping and praying for some merciful rain, but in vain.

The Story continues…

PS: Well, even today the fort is home to thousands of birds, particularly the Cheel or Kite, the sacred bird of the Rathore clan.

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Marwar Paintings – The Royal Art!

India Travel Blog Jodhpur
The Maharaja and his many Romances!

“A Painting is immortal, it lives through generations, it lives through battles, it lives through glory and grief, and it lives forever!”

Well-built valiant men adorning prominent whiskers and funnel shaped turbans, dainty yet lavishly & colorfully draped women by their side are perhaps one of the most fascinating paintings that are admired by an art lover. These are the collective paintings of Marwar that are preserved and displayed by the Royal family of Jodhpur at the Mehrangarh fort. The skilful use of colour is exuberant, the strokes are delicately impressive and the finishes of the Marwari paintings epitomize royalty.

Rajasthan is a true wonderland. Though most of us are so tempted to think of a dry arid desert when we think of Rajasthan, perhaps what we miss out is that this land is the land of the grandest Kings & Queens who have made our history much beyond a set of recorded facts. They have added Grandeur and a larger than life spectrum to the Historic landscape. Their stories are bound to interest people from all demographics and lifestyle.

How did the Maharajas live? What did they adorn? What did they eat? How did they fight wars? How did they look when they rode fearlessly across territories and difficult terrain? How did they Romance with their wives and many mistresses? How did the women folk look like? Were they physically gratifying to look at? Did they wear bright colours? What jewelry did they adorn? How did the Maharajas entertain themselves with Music and Dance? How did they command their court-men? How did the Mughal Sultanate influence the style of these paintings? Did the original Rajput art fight back its existence?

How passionately did they get their most talented artists to capture all of these mesmerizing moments so that those moments could surpass space and time and become immortal?

This post is a mere teaser brought to you by Bijolai Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel in Jodhpur. We know how valuable these paintings rather how invaluable. You will find photographs of a few of this fabulous work of art displayed all around the Palace. We made extensive efforts to seek special permission from the curator of Mehrangarh Fort to display the immortal.

Now it is your turn to witness the beauty and finesse of the Marwar Artists at Jodhpur.

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